Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the chapter of the Bankruptcy Code providing for “liquidation.” What does that mean? This is when the trustee (a person the court appoints to oversee the case) is allowed to sell debtor’s nonexempt property and they then distribute the proceeds to creditors. In exchange for this liquidation you get financial relief by obtaining a discharge for the debt you were allowed to discharge. However this does not necessarily mean the court will even take any interest on any of your property but you may still be awarded a discharge. Many of your property can be protected through exemptions.

What are some of the reasons people file bankruptcy?

Many individuals are under the impression that filing for bankruptcy is the worst action to can take as it does not feel right, but most people are facing this financial stress due to new issues that occurred in which most genericstressNSH-304people have little to no control over.

Top four reasons people file bankruptcy:

Medical bills,

Divorce or separation,

Loss of income and

Unexpected expenses.


Because we are in this business to help the public, below you will find a link to the official bankruptcy forms provided by the United States Bankruptcy Court – Middle District of Florida. Besides the official forms you will also find the application to try to waive or pay the filing fee in installments. If you need some assistance we may be able to help.