Motion for Civil Contempt and Enforcement

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Motion for Civil Contempt and Enforcement – Florida

(this information should not be construed as legal advice)

What is a contempt?

A contempt of court in Florida is when someone is not respecting or obeying what the court

ordered whether that be in a divorce decree, child support, visitation, etc. The person who has

failed to comply may be fined, sanctioned or worse put in jail.

How do I know if the person is in contempt?

Read your final decree/judgment carefully. In those documents, it will state what that person

should or should not be doing. To proceed you must be able to prove to the court that the person

has willingly failed to comply with the order/decree/final judgment.

Where can I obtain proper documentation?

The Motion for Civil Contempt and Enforcement may be obtained at your local courthouse or

using this link, you will find a blank Motion for Civil Contempt/Enforcement is you feel

comfortable with preparing it on your own.

Should you need legal advice or legal representation, please seek the services of a licensed

Florida attorney.

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