Note from Yaritza Reyes Regarding Our Virtual Services

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Personal Note from Yaritza Reyes:

Reyes LegalDoc Prep. & Services, LLC recently converted to a Virtual Service Company. This means all our services are completed online, e-mail, fax or mail (phone calls for consultations). We understand some may not feel comfortable with online services and if this is you, feel free to check out all our reviews. If you are still unsure you may contact us, however we will not by any means try to persuade you to hire us. The decision is yours to make. We are certainly NOT a “scam” We have been in business since 2013 and have built a positive and strong reputation among the Central Florida community and intend to keep it that way. In addition, we have had the privilege of even servicing clients out of Central Florida including but not limited to: South Florida, North Florida, New York, California, Texas and more just from referrals.

But back to my point with this note, if you want to meet with someone face-to-face, our company may not be suitable for you. Our services are for those who are comfortable with a computer, fax and phone or have someone who can and is willing to assist you. These services are ideal for the busy body who simply can’t take days off work to sit at an office for an unknown amount of time.

We walk you through the process as allowed by the law and you will also receive detailed instructions on how to proceed.

We do offer payment plans if needed. The payment plan is designed by you, you can make weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments in the amount you can do. Once all payments are completed we will proceed in preparing the paperwork and sending it to you for review.

However, if you choose to hire another company, please do check their reputation, reviews, experience, how long in business? How long in location? Etc. At least once a month a client tells me their story in how a company took X amount of money from them and disappeared or they didn’t do anything.

Hope this helps some of the questions you may have of how the Virtual Service works.

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