Q & A

DISCLAIMER: These are general questions and answers and should in no way be considered legal advice. Should you need legal advice or representation we highly urge you speak to an experienced and licensed Florida attorney.



Q:        Who are we?

A:        Before we go into detail, you must know that we are the type of company that if we can’t answer or do not have the answer we will make it our business to direct you in the right direction.

We are a non-attorney Florida based legal document preparation company who provide

services to the public. Basically, we are knowledgeable in assisting the public fill in already prepared state forms. We also prepare other documents such as translation of documents, resumes, letters, contracts, affidavits, etc. with the client’s direct instructions.


Q:        What education/experience does your document preparer have?

A:        A little bit about Owner/Document Preparer, Yaritza I. Reyes:

Yaritza has been working/volunteering in the legal/medical field since 2006.

She holds two associates degree from Valencia College (Associate of Science degree in Paralegal Studies Litigation and Associates of Arts degree in General Studies).

Prior to opening this company in 2013, she worked 3 years at a reputable Bankruptcy/Personal Injury Law Firm where she learned the areas of bankruptcy, foreclosure, debt lawsuit, personal injury among other areas.

At a very young age, she read more than she needed on every area she could and felt it was her obligation to educate anyone that came her way and still does (especially young women – she feels the duty to empower them anyway she can). She plans in time to continue her education in legal studies and perhaps someday become an attorney only because her clients insist 😊 and have even offered to pay for her studies (with two small children she has put this off). As of 2017 she is also a Real Estate Agent in N.C. (was not easy to obtain by the way – some law classes were easier than getting a Real Estate License).


Q:        What do we do?

A:        Click here for a list of our services.


Q:        What do we specialize in?

A:        We make it our mission to have knowledge in different areas, but mainly we specialize in the preparation of family related documents such as divorce, child support, visitation, paternity, etc.


Q:        What is our turn-around time with document preparation?

A:        Generally, we can have the documents prepared within 3 to 5 business days depending on our workload. Some documents can be done same day. We do offer rush service (ask us for details).


Q:        I just want information. How much do you charge?

A:        NOTHING! Our first 30 minutes are free. Get as much information you can from us within that time. You are in control whether you wish to use our services or decline.


Q:        How does your online/virtual services work?

A:        Well basically we speak with you over the phone for a bit to get an idea of what you need or we communicate with you via e-mail. Once we understand what you need, we will send you via e-mail an intake/questionnaire to complete as well as a contract to sign. The e-mail will come with the next steps.


Q.        Why did RLD go Virtual?

A.         We continued to have a high demand from our clients to receive documents via e-mail or fax, therefore no need for those business expenses of an office and staff. Now low operating expenses allows us to keep our service fees low.


Q:        Can you prepare my legal documents in Spanish?

A:        When you file documents in the courts in Florida, they have to be in English. Sometimes if they are in another language you may need to have it translated before submitting it.


Q:        How can we know to trust us with your documents to be completed virtually without ever meeting anyone from this company?

A:        We have been around since 2013 and it is not a by far not a long time however, we have   been able to successfully assist well over 1,000 families (this count occurred end of       2016). Although we are not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, we hav an A+ rating with them and anyone who is familiar with the BBB will know they have very strict requirements/guidelines business, they protect the consumer not the company.   Therefore, this speaks volumes as us being a company the public can trust. In addition, most of our clients are referred to us, meaning the one that referred them has heard good things about us or has worked with us in the past. For more reassurance, check out our reviews on BBB, Google, Facebook, Yelp and YP.



Q:        You helped my friend with her documents, how come I have to pay more/less?

A:        The preparation of documents is never the same for everyone, your friend may not have property or did or your friend may have children or does not, etc. no two documents are the same.


Q:        Do you offer free services like legal aid?

A:        Our company is not funded by the state. We do have discounts every now and then. Like and follow us on Facebook for those offers as that’s where they get posted. We also do giveaways on Facebook like coffee machines, Keurig, makeup palettes, grooming kits, tools, movie tickets, tablets, etc.


Q:        I don’t have the money to pay the court fees, can I have them waived?

A:        We give all our clients an application for indigent status which is used to try to reduce court fees or waive them WE DO NOT GUARANTEE THE RESULTS AND WE DO NOT ADVICE HOW TO COMPLETE IT. We simply provide it to you and you are to complete it, the court will determine your eligibility.



Q:        Should I ask for alimony in my divorce case?

A:        We are prohibited from giving the public legal advice. We urge all our clients to consult with an attorney or several to get your answers. Some attorney’s offer Free Consultations.


Q:        Wife: I want a divorce, I have children but not with my husband. Yes, they were born during the marriage. Do I have to include them?

A:        State forms has a dedicated area to complete regarding children born during the marriage that are not common. In the state of Florida, the husband has more legal rights over the child, then the biological father. In these cases, typically the court will request the husband sign a waiver, releasing his rights and the biological father will sign acknowledgement forms that he is the father. This is a sensitive topic where again we urge clients consult with an attorney.


Q:        I don’t want child support, can you put that on the papers?

A:        We have to complete the documents based on your instructions, child support is determined by the court and it is the court’s decision whether or not they approve your request as child support is not the right of the parents but the right of the chil(ren).


Q:        My spouse resides out of state but is willing to sign, what do I do?

A:        In the past some of our clients have been able to get those documents over to spouse for his/her signature via e-mail, or mail and they sent it back for filing.


Q:        I just moved to Florida 3 months ago, my spouse still lives out of state, can I file?

A:        To file for divorce in Florida, one spouse must be a resident for a minimum of 6 months.


Q:        I want to request child support. How much to prepare child support and divorce


A:        In Florida, through the divorce with children, you can request child support, visitation, time sharing, holidays, etc. be decided.


Q:        Wife: I want to change my last name, where can I do that?

A:        In the petition for divorce, the petition asks if the wife wishes to change her name. You can request it at that time in that form.


Q:        I don’t know where spouse is at, can you still help me?

A:        There is a process for this called a diligent search and yes, we do assist in this area.



Q:        I want to put myself on child support to get visitation rights. Can you help me?

A:        Child Support documents will only handle child support.


Q:        What is a Petition to Determine Paternity and Other Related Relief?

A:        This is a form used to establish paternity, time-sharing schedule and/or child support.



Q:        I need to get in contact with the child support office. Do you have a direct number?

A:        No unfortunately we do not, however their live chat is very useful.


Q:        I just lost my job and need to modify my child support; can you assist me with the

document preparation?

A:        Yes, the state has special forms for modification of child support.



Q:        I was served with documents, what happens if I don’t respond?

A:        If you disregard a lawsuit, divorce, etc. the court may grant the other party what they are asking for and move to default judgment.


Q:        I have 20 days to respond, does this include Saturday and Sunday.

A:        Yes, the 20 days are calendar days, so they do include Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.


Q:        Should I consult an attorney to see how to respond it.

A:        Yes. By law we can only assist you in drafting the documents.


Q:        I just need someone to prepare the response for me, can your company prepare?

A:        We will provide you with general information from state, laws, etc. on how you respond a suit, divorce etc. HOWEVER, we highly recommend you seek legal advice as what we provide is very general information and you the client must tell us how you wish to respond to each section and we will draft per your instructions.


Q:        How fast will my response be completed by your company?

A:        These are considered time-sensitive in our company and we treat as priority. We will stop

everything we are doing to prepare in a prompt matter and turn over to you for review, filing and copy to other side. If you need to respond to a case, please contact us immediately, please do not wait until the last minute.



Q:        How does this service work?

A:        Our Resume Service is very economical and looks very professional. When you retain for

resume preparation services here is a list of what you will receive:

  • Of course, yourresume (your choice of the economical, professional or executive resume).
  • Yourresume will be emailed to you in a Word and PDF document (this allows you to e-mail or attach the PDF when applying online; the word document lets you edit in the future as much as you like).
  • We can also provide you with a cover page and reference list page for a small additional cost.



Q:        Will the staff member translating documents have the document notarized?

A:        Yes! If you need this service simply request it and we will ensure we provide what is called a Certificate of Accuracy.


Q:        How fast will your company have my translation completed?

A:        Our turn-around for every task is 3 to 5 business days, however this service may be done same day depending on our calendar/workload. Please understand these services in particular are e-mailed or faxed over for review and once reviewed we will sign in front of a notary and mail them over to you via regular mail. We can also e-mail over a signed copy while the mail gets to you.