Looking for a job or a better career opportunity? Need a Professional Resume that makes you stand out? Then we may be able to help you!!!!

Not only is our resume service more economical then anywhere else, we also include FREE services for that small cost. You may be wondering what does the fee include, well here is a list of what you will receive:

Of course your resume and your resume will be e-mailed to you in a Word and PDF document (this allows you to e-mail or attach the PDF when applying online; the word document lets you edit in the future as much as you like).
We can also provide you with a cover page and reference list page for a small additional cost.

Don’t waste anymore time! Call us today and let us take the stress off of you and let us handle this important task!

How does this work?

You e-mail us a resume you currently have or a quick list of your past job history, contact information, skills, etc. and we take care of the rest. 

We like to get completed resumes out no later than 5 business days. 

In addition to your resume you can request:

Cover Sheet

Reference List

Additional copies of your resume on resume (fancy) paper.