How to Succeed at Your Next Interview

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How to Succeed at Your Next Interview

By: Yaritza Reyes

I have been in your shoes. I too have felt my palms get increasingly sweaty, I felt a knot in my throat and my stomach feel all kinds of funny ways before entering that room for an interview. This all happened to me at my very first interview at a beautiful resort in Kissimmee, Florida. My confidence was lacking big time and I couldn’t even answer the questions correctly. One of the questions in the interview was: “If you can tell me one thing you need to improve, what would that be?” my answer “I need to learn how to give better directions, I seem to get people lost.” That was my answer forgetting the job I was applying for was in customer service at a resort with lots of tourist.

After walking out of that room, I had that gut feeling that the lady who told me she will call me for a second interview would never call me. I can tell you this, now five years later I am still waiting for that call. It’s beyond obvious at this point I did not get the job 

After growing extremely frustrated because I felt like a complete failure, I began to do my research so that at my next interview I could at least be granted a second interview. My research got me more than I expected. For the next two other jobs I applied for, I got the jobs on the spot during the interviews without hesitations from the manager, business owner, etc.

Seeing how people (like myself at one point) need guidance to succeed at their next interview made me want to share this with you. If you follow these easy steps, who knows you might be able to get that job position you have your heart set on.



1. Research! Research! Research! – Do yourself the favor and research the company. Find out exactly what they do there, look into as much background information you can. You will be surprised to hear the question pop-up from the person interviewing you “so what do you know about us?”

2. Look up where interview will be – Check to see how far the location your interview will be held at and how to get there. You do not want to find this out on the day of the interview causing you to be late.

3. Be sure you have already prepared a resume and have printed it out to take to your interview. Even if you have already uploaded it to their system or e-mailed it to them, most times they will ask if you have one with you. (Don’t forget if you need assistance with your resume we can help

4. Dress the part – make sure you look professional in business attire, make sure your clothes looks clean, be nicely groomed, don’t overdo it on make-up, perfume/cologne etc. DON’T wear ripped jeans, tank top, flip flops, sunglasses on your face or head etc. Look like you mean business.

5. Get to your interview on time – do not be late. Be there at least 15 minutes early.




2. Make sure you give the person who will interview you a good firm hand shake and approach them with respect.

3. Once seated provide the interviewer a copy of your resume for their reference.

4. Be sure to keep eye contact with the person doing your interview. You want to show that you are listening.

5. Keep an appropriate body language – NO slouching, hands crossed etc. You want to show them that you are engaged and are serious about getting the job.

6. Don’t forget to smile.

7. Be yourself!!! Be positive. Express why you will be an asset to their company.



There is nothing wrong with sending the interviewer a letter or e-mail thanking them for their time and mentioning you would be looking forward in hearing from them. You can probably send this letter within 3-7 days from the interview.

If for one reason or the other you did not get the job maybe you might want to contact the company and ask them for their feedback of the interview and your performance so that you know how you can improve, prepare and execute in the near future.


20 REASONS WHY PEOPLE DON’T GET HIRED – Do not let any of these apply to you.

1. Poor personal appearance.

2. Overaggressive.

3. Inability to express information clearly.

4. Lack of interest and enthusiasm.

5. Lack of planning for career – No purpose and/or goals.

6. Nervous, lack of confidence and poise.

7. Overemphasis on money – this just shows that is all you care about.

8. Unwillingness to start at bottom – remember you can always work your way up the ladder.

9. Makes excuses.

10. Lack of tact and courtesy.

11. Lack of maturity.

12. Condemns past employers.

13. No genuine interest in Company or Job.

14. Fails to look interviewer in the eye.

15. Sloppy application form.

16. Little sense of humor.

17. Arrive late at interview.

18. Fails to express appreciation for interviewer’s time.

19. Fails to ask questions about the job.

20. Vague responses to questions.